The Housing Alliance is a private, non-profit organization that serves as the hub in Collier County to bring together aspiring homeowners, renters, property developers, local government, funders, donors, and the community-at-large. It is envisioned to become the “go to” resource for housing in our community, with a focus on workforce, lower income, and senior housing. Through structured coordination and collaboration, The Housing Alliance works with private and public partners with the goal to make much needed housing in our community a reality by:

Working with homeowners and renters, the Housing Alliance identifies and addresses the unique situations holding residents back from attaining housing. This includes customized navigational assistance with everything from credit rehabilitation to down payment assistance.

Working with local government, the Housing Alliance works to bring policy improvements, development plans, zoning or rezoning actions, local incentive strategies and trackable data to back future legislation for the advancement of housing affordability in Collier County.

Working with developers, The Housing Alliance identifies properties, opportunities, financing, and programs to develop housing that is affordable within Collier County.

Working with funders at the local, state, and federal level – The Housing Alliance brings additional financial resources to Collier County to address housing affordability challenges. We also provide support to the Collier Community Foundation with donor engagement.

Working with the community, we hear and address concerns about what housing affordability means for the future of Collier County. Dispelling myths, sharing positive outcomes, and hearing resident concerns is a key component to garnishing understanding and support for keeping our community diverse with residents who play a role in all parts of making Collier County one of the most desirables places to call home.


We’re here to help make
attainable housing a reality.
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